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Download Free Music Legally

Download Free Music Legally

Are you scared that the RIAA is about to track you down for illegally downloading songs.
Well, here is a method of obtaining many songs absolutely free that is virtually untrackable
by modern technology. This has to do with capturing streaming audio, which in many cases, believe it or not
are plain old mp3s just waiting for you to "download." I have found most of the current top-40 as well as many others you may like, so keep searching. The music is waiting for you to find it.

How To Download Music Legally

Download Free Music Legally

Step 1:
First of all, you need to find a good site that hosts streaming audio. My favorite that has brought me many songs to date is hxxp:// . Some others are just as good, but this is the site that I will be referencing (plus, I know you guys love to steal from Microsoft).

Step 2:

Alright, go up to the left hand corner where there is an empty text box. This is the search box, just fill it with a song name or artist just like you would in kazaa and click search. This will bring up a page with links to many websites hosting a stream by that artist. The ones with music notes are just, this is what you want. In many cases, this is all you need. Just right click on one of the links and click "save as" to save the song. This works if the file extension is .mp3 or .wma or .asf or well-other known formats. If this worked, you are finished, otherwise continue reading.

Step 3:
However, if you encounter a .asx file, there are a few more steps you will have to endure. First of all, do exactly like the above example and save the file locally. After the file is downloaded, check to see how large the file is. If it is a large file in the megabyte range, then you should be able to play it in your favorite music program. However, if it is less than 1 kilobyte, open it as a textfile. You will then see many script commands that communicate to windows media player. Don't worry about these, just look for some URLs which will most likely be pointing to a .asf file. It will have at least one if not more. Open the new found URL in your browser and save it like in step 2 and you should be good to go. (I use Mozilla, because Internet Explorer likes to open things rather than save them as I tell it)

NOTE: If any of the URLs are preceded with "mms://" instead of "http://" find another URL, because this technique will not work.

This technique is especially useful to avoid prosecution because streaming audio, and downloading it appear the same to a web server, therefore you are seen as just another "legal" listener, so "download" away my friend and don't blame me if this soon becomes illegal (if it isn't already).

Step 4:
If you are picky then search for a program that will convert these file types to mp3s. I assure you there are many sites out there.

If this technique does not work for some reason, there is another technique which is manually recording streaming audio, with an audio capture program. I use the one that came with my soundcard (Audigy 2ZS, great soundcard), but I would recommend it only as a last resort such as with "mms://" files. There is a degradation in quality compared to the other formats and it records every sound your PC makes while it is recording so don't chat on AIM while recording (lol I can hear random doors slamming now).
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Download Free Music Legally
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