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Rabu, Juli 15, 2015

Klout Mengukur Seberapa Besar Pengaruh Anda di Sosial Media

Bagi anda yang sudah lama bergelut dengan social network atau sosial media, seperti twitter, facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn atau sosial network lainya dan mempunyai banyak follower atau mempunyai banyak teman ada baiknya anda mencoba bergabung di KLOUT untuk mengetahui seberapa besar pengaruh anda dan siapa-siapa saja yang mempengaruhi kita dalam aktifitas sosial media.

Klout Mengukur Seberapa Besar Pengaruh Anda di Sosial Media

Mari berkenalan dengan KLOUT.

Apa itu KLOUT?

Klout adalah Kumpulan aktifitas kita di sosial media,  segala aktifitas yang kita lakukan di sosial media secara online, baik berupa tweet, retweet, like, content, resharing, share, update social network akan menjadi data yang dikumpulkan Klout untuk mengukur;True Reach, Amplification, Network Impact.
  • True Reach: Seberapa besar pengaruh kita, diukur dari jumlah orang yang anda pengaruhi melalui content di sosial media anda, dan respon terhadap content tersebut.
  • Amplification:Seberapa besar kita mempengaruhi mereka, setiap aktifitas kita disosial media bagaimana respon mereka terhadap apa yang kita lakukan di sosial media.
  •  Network Impact: Pengaruh kita terhadap sosial network,berapa banyak pengaruh kita terhadap apa yang kita share di sosial media, semakin banyak yang merespon atau reshare, atau retweet akan meningkatkan score anda di sosial media.
Klout Mengukur Seberapa Besar Pengaruh Anda di Sosial Media
Score Network kita akan meningkat, apabila kita mempunyai banyak orang yang kita pengaruhi, singkatnya semakin aktif kita di sosial media semakin tinggi score kita, dan setiap score Network kita akan diberi gelar oleh KLOUT. Semuanya berdasarkan analisis dari sosial media yang kita gunakan.

Bagi yang tertarik untuk mengetahui score networknya, tingkat pengaruh anda di sosial network silahkan masuk ke klout.com dan tidak usah mendaftar, masukkan saja username dan password sosial network anda seperti Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus dan lainya, dan anda akan segera mengetahui berapa score anda dan seberapa besar pengaruh anda di jejaring sosial.
Selamat Mencoba!

    Jumat, Maret 23, 2012

    Google Plus – Newest Google Social Network

    Google Plus
    Google is a very innovative company in the world, as well as Google has a product that supports the advancement of technology world, especially in a world of information technology. Google also has tried several social networks like Google buzz, plus wave and now Google plus is a social network of the newest from Google.

    Since the launch last month of July 2011 Google was overwhelmed by many internet users who sign up on the Google plus, and Google was temporarily shut down their invitation. And now, Google Plus is ready to beat competitors of other social network.

    Google Plus has some very impressive features, this feature is most important in social network to measure how simple to use it. Let see Google plus features;
    Google Plus

    At first glance, Circles seem to be a simple method of categorizing your friends: putting relevant friends in relevant Circles. However, you can also post material and directly interact with members of a specific circle. This is great if you want to avoid mentioning the same thing to two very different groups of contacts.

    Hang out
    This feature allows users to invite specific contacts or even entire Circles to a video conference. What I like about this is the fact that different participants can invite different people to the conference.

    Sparks allows you to add your interests (eg. Technology, history, fashion, etc.) and allows you to share and comment on these sparks with your Circles or other friends.

    This allows group chats across different platforms such as mobile (also currently restricted to Android) and PC. Users can initiate chats directly with specific Circles or friends.

    Tagging and adding very familiar in social network, However, Google’s interface with regards to editing and commenting is somewhat different. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can post pictures directly to different Circles.

    Instant Upload
    Google’s instant upload solves this problem by automatically uploading all your pictures and videos to a private Google+ album. Later, you can decide on editing or posting it. Unfortunately, this is only available for Android phones right now.

    Social Sharing
    Just like with the Facebook button, you can now add a Google +1 button to your pages. With Facebook it shares the link on your Facebook wall. With the +1 button, it shares the link on your Google Plus page… but unlike the Facebook button, the +1 potentially influences search results when people in your circles searches Google for related terms.
    Now Google plus become popular in social network, its proved by many websites or company blog have attached social sharing of Google plus at their post. Let’s see how popular Google plus with another social network like Facebook and twitter.I hope this information helpful!

    Kamis, Maret 22, 2012

    Why Bloggers should have a Pinterest Account?

    Been invited to join in Pinterest? Or have a friend who invites you to join? If not, try to Request Invite from Pinterest.
    For bloggers who already Pinterest account and understanding how to perform activities in Pinterest, already have some follower and many Pinboard, and pins, it’s the best point that you made as a blogger.
    Now let’s see why should have a Pinterest account? It’s still a lot of other social media that can we choose for it. This is a smart explanation.
    Basically there are three points why blogger should have an account from Pinterest;

    • Pinterest is a social media that very different from other social networks, media that they use only picture / photo and little note about the picture. So this is what makes people interested and feel unique because a lot of pictures or photos of interest that pinned by the user. Though there is not just a picture tucked links that point to a specific blog that they are directed in accordance with the photo. The point is drawing messages through this media that makes people want to click and Repin or see anything about that picture through image that contained link. The first impression is so tempting.. Then it's up to you..

    • Pinterest have a lot of visitors day by day, just imagine Pinterest established at the end of 2009 Pinterest has been skyrocketed to 11 million visitors because they connected with Twitter and Facebook users to attract users Pinterest to join. Besides that Pinterest also beat out twitter traffic in February. See the traffic sources report Shareaholic February. So why do not drive teraffic to our blog through Pin it.

    • Pinterest is a media that suitable for business. Just like Facebook and twitter, there are many users who do promotion business to make money from customer. No different with Pinterest, with a unique media picture may be more catchy appearance, so people will be more interested to see. So just like most bloggers who are looking for dollar from their affiliate that follow. Pinterest is a pinboard sosial media may be suitable for it.

    Now, if you dont have an account yet, request to be invited to join Pinterest or ask you friend to invite you join Pinterest. Because Pinterest will be booming as a unique social media. If you don't have any follower yet, just pin board the image above. it will be funny for pinners and will follow you. Trust me! So..
    If you have an account later don’t forget to follow me and Happy Pinning!
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