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Create an Online CV in English

Create an Online CV in English

The ability to speak English well and to use computers are definitely both big advantages when applying for a job, so why not highlight those advantages by creating an online English CV that allows you to show off your portfolio of English and ICT skills.
You can do this using a free website called Visual CV. Creating your online CV is also a good way to practice your English and think about the things that you would want to tell a potential employer.
  • So the first thing you need to do is got to the http://www.visualcv.com website, take a look at the tour and then register for a free account.

  • Once you have done this you can start to fill out information about yourself, add images, documents and videos.
  • You can create a private CV that only specific people access, or you can have a public one that you can share thorugh social networks.
  • You can choose the types of information your CV includes
When you create your public CV be sure not to include your home address or telephone number. Only give this information to potential employers.
Happy job hunting!
Create an Online CV in English
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