Sabtu, Desember 06, 2008

Arsenal Supporter in Ethiopia

Arsenal Supporter in Ethiopia

When I was browsing at Google search I found a boy in Ethiopia..its very interesting as Charlesfred's writing bellow. and uploaded an unique photo. So I was interested to publish in my blog because this has human interest value.
Arsenal Fans Ethiopia

If you are reading this, you may be interested to know that we have come across many Arsenal supporters here in Ethiopia. In Eritrea it was almost all Manchester United, but here they like Arsenal, Liverpool and, of course, Chelsea. I have not come across anyone who supports Southampton, but at least they have heard of them. We also saw the Champions League match the other day when Arsenal beat Ajax, from Amsterdam 0-2!
Anyway, we are interested how you are doing with football this season, how many goals you have scored and whether you have been made man-of-the-match yet?
Arsenal Supporter in Ethiopia
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